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Audtek 3108CQA

Audtek Electronics 3108CQA RG-6/U Solid Copper 18 AWG Quad Shield CM Coax Cable 100 ft.

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    This 100 ft. quad shielded 18 gauge solid bare copper core RG-6/U coax cable meets the high standards of satellite and cable companies' requirements.

    Key Features

    • Indoor/outdoor rated for permanent CATV, satellite, and outdoor antenna installations.

    • Bare copper center conductor for better signal and power transfer required by satellite and digital cable companies.

    • (UL) CM, CE, ETL, SA, and RoHS rated for safety and quality assurance.

    • Sweep tested from 50 MHz to 3 GHz.

    • One 120% and one 100% layer of polyester/aluminum foil separated by 60% braid and a 40% outer braid prevents external interference.

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